MIA001: Gilgamesh


axpin – gilgamesh
axpin – gilgamesh (christian burkhardt remix)
axpin – catiba
axpin – kryon

Artist: Axpin
Title: Gilgamesh EP
Cat.No.: MIA001
Release Date: 1.02.2017

vinyl & digital

Artwork: Laura Zimmermann, laura.z(at)

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Axpin debuts with its EP „Gilgamesh“, including three deep house tracks and a first floor remix of mastermind Christian Burkhardt (Cocoon, Oslo, CBSessions). It smoothly combines multifarious arrangements and arousing melodies with a forward pushing club sound. Suitable for the dance floor as well as the afterparty at home, this EP transports the listener to a faraway world of subtle grooves, pushing drums and mesmerizing sound design.

„Gilgamesh“ is a track based on the story about the journey of an ancient emperor, searching for enlightenment in the highlands of Mesopotamia. So it comes as no surprise that a driving beat breaks through the laid back percussions and hypnotizing atmospheres. Wandering through this track side by side with mysterious pads and exotic sounds, a lost but defying melody accompanies the listener on his steps.

„Catiba“ is a track with a multilayered arrangement, that doesn’t necessarily reveal its complexity on the first look. Different rhythmic moods provide the structure for two melodic lines, competing at first but working perfectly together after a thrilling break, melting your soul. They’re supported by a pervading deep bass groove that will make your body vibrate.
Christian Burkhardt summarizes both tracks’ features and unifies them in an impulsive club remix that floats every second and climaxes in a thrilling break. Dry but playful, perfectly fitting for the dance floor without losing the warmth and lightness of the original.

„Kryon“ is the EP’s third and most expressive track. Starting with lost parts of a melody, rather an echo in the vast distance, the track continuously  increases its tension, extending the rhythms until the arrangement blasts out a stunning break that, contrary to all expectations, is a calm and compassionate moment with a transient theme. The clear production provides a place in the mix to each sound, a deep moog bass rumbles in the basement while the stimulating percussion coats the volatile beat.